REALTORS® are community champions. They go above and beyond to care for neighbors and safeguard “home.” The REALTORS® Relief Foundation is a testament to REALTORS® doing just that.

RRF was founded by a group of committed REALTORS® who saw the need and continue to be driven by the mission of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. We are thankful for our leadership, who give of their time freely in an effort to give back to the communities we serve.

2023 Board of Directors

RRF board members are leaders committed to giving back to their industry and their communities. Board members oversee the planning and growth of the foundation and are dedicated to providing grant support both where and when it is needed in order to help families recover when disaster strikes.

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Mike McGrew (KS)

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Dave Charron (MD)
Vice President

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Michael Ford (AR)
Immediate Past President

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Leigh Brown (NC)

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Greg Hrabcak (OH)

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Norman Morris (LA)

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Shanta Patton (NV)

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Gary Rogers (MA)

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Pat ‘Ziggy’ Zicarelli (CA)

2023 Annual Campaign Committee

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Kitty Wallace (WA)
Campaign Chair

Mike McGrew (KS) – RRF President

Mike Inman (KY)
Campaign Vice Chair

Campaign Committee

Amy Bladow, OK
Shannon Buss, MA
Angi Cline, KY
Bob Dodson, AR
Nicola Esposito, NJ
Sue Flucke, AZ
Karem Gallo, KS
Christy Gessler, TX
Dana Haley, VT
Kathy Hames, AZ

Wendy Harris, NC
Doryce Hawkins, MT
Cyndee Haydon, FL
Jennifer Higgins, CA
Jenifer Hoffman, VT
Renee Hoover Payton, OK
Mike Hunstad, MN
Alexa Kebalo, CT
Nora Lynch, MA
Patrizia Maccarrone, NJ
Hilary Marshall, RI

JD McClintock, FL
Ryan O’Connor, NJ
Eileen Oldroyd, CA
Lisa Parenteau, MA
Sandylee Pasquale, NM
Lorena Pena, TX
Jana Richards, MN
Frankie Rivers, AR
Chris Whitten, RI
Heather Zimmaro, OH

Corporate Committee

Chris Bennett, Presta Consulting
Tim Dain, NorthStar MLS
Lisa Larson



Thanks to the tremendous support of REALTORS® Relief Foundation donors, RRF continues to provide hope to families across the nation.

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