When disasters strike, REALTORS® Relief Foundation stands ready to provide housing-related support to impacted communities. Whether it be hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, wildfires, or other disasters, the most important thing is getting help to where it is needed most. By working alongside our state and local association partners in the impacted areas, RRF is able to pool the support of the entire REALTOR® family to help meet the housing needs of victims and their families.


Eligible grant applicants include state and local REALTOR® associations, as well as an Institute, Society or Council (ISCs) of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. All grant requests must be for an emergency that has been declared a major disaster by the affected city, county/parish, state, or federal governing agency.

    The unfortunate reality is that the need from disasters is growing, and funding is limited. When tragedies happen outside of our scope, we are hopeful that state and local association foundations, along with the REALTOR® community, will help to fill the need – knowing that RRF is ready to provide support when larger disasters happen.

  2. Grant requests are not accepted from individuals.

  3. Entire application must be completed and include all requested supporting documentation to be considered for a grant.

How to Apply

The following steps must be completed to begin the application process:
Step One:

Download RRF Grant Guidelines and familiarize yourself with the information and questions needed for completing your application.

Step Two:

Contact RRF Grant Program Director to schedule a phone conversation and review your request/eligibility.

Patty Garcia
Director, Dues Compliance and REALTORS® Relief Foundation Services
Office: 312-329-8214
Email: PGarcia@nar.realtor

Step Three:

After your phone discussion, if eligible, you will be sent the official grant application. Please complete application fully, sign (being sure to include all required supporting documentation) and return within thirty (30) days from receipt of application.

Step Four:

Once your completed application is received, your request will be reviewed by the RRF board at their next scheduled meeting. The RRF board schedules discussions weekly, when possible, to respond to grant requests quickly.

Step Five:

Once approved, RRF will work with your association on steps to get grant funding to families impacted and will provide a personalized individual grant application for your use in making relief grants available to the community.

Use of RRF Grant Funds

  1. The approved grant must be used for the purpose(s) intended.
  2. No administrative costs may be deducted from the grant (100% of the granted funds must be distributed directly to the disaster victims).
  3. No compensation costs may be deducted from the grant.
  4. Unused portions of grant funding shall be returned to RRF to be available for other disaster needs.
  5. Grant funds received from RRF must be made available to all applicants in the impacted areas and cannot be restricted to only your REALTOR® members.

All grants are contingent upon the availability of funds.

For Questions Regarding RRF Grants, Please Contact:

Patty Garcia
Director, Dues Compliance and REALTORS® Relief Foundation Services
Office: 312-329-8214
Email: PGarcia@nar.realtor

One of my strongest recollections I have from being a participant in the association’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th is the feeling of pride I had for being a member of the REALTOR® family and working side-by-side with members to help our neighbors who were hurting and in need. To be part of an association that is so deeply committed to giving back to local communities and improving the lives of others is so rewarding. I truly believe the creation of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation was the foundational moment when REALTORS® showed themselves to be good neighbors.

John Dulczewski, Executive Vice President, Greater Boston Association of REALTORS®

When Oregon was decimated by wildfires in 2020, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation immediately provided a pool of funds for families in need of shelter. The Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® did not wait for this local disaster before contributing to the Foundation. Instead, years ago our Board of Directors designated the RRF as its “charity of choice” and began proactively contributing funds annually. We never anticipated that relief would be needed in our own back yard, but when we made the plea, funds were immediately granted. I urge every local and state association to remember the REALTORS® Relief Foundation in its annual giving program. Whether future needs are in your own back yard, or across the country, through your generous contributions the REALTOR® family will be there to provide urgent support to families in need.

Katherine Querin, CEO, Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®, Oregon



Thanks to the tremendous support of REALTORS® Relief Foundation donors, RRF continues to provide hope to families across the nation.

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