A Formation From Necessity

Within hours of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, efforts were launched by the NAR Executive Leadership team to secure contributions to aid those impacted. The National Association of REALTORS® utilized its leadership, infrastructure and standing as the world’s largest trade association to rally members and supporters. Donors stood in solidarity with fellow countrymen and countrywomen to help impacted families rise from the rubble and ash. More than $8.4 million poured in to provide urgent housing-related assistance for those struggling in the aftermath. Funds were raised and distributed within 100 days to ensure families remained in their homes.

You have given us some peace of mind when we thought that was no longer possible. You’ve restored our faith in the kindness of strangers when our faith was running out. Most of all, during a time when our family was ripped apart, you helped us stay in the warmth and safety of our home.

– 2001 Recipient


RRF began not as a dream, but as a necessity. The following four individuals and their team of NAR leaders acted without hesitation in 2001 to begin RRF and help 9/11 victims’ families.
Richard Mendenhall (MO) 2001 NAR President
Martin Edwards, Jr. (TN) 2001 President-elect
Cathy Whatley (FL) 2001 NAR First Vice-President
Pat Kaplan (OR) 2001 Treasurer
Thank you for your selfless actions that led to the creation of something so much bigger than ever imagined.

Impact Report

2023 was a record year with more than $8.3 million awarded to support 25 disaster relief efforts. Witness the impact your support makes in the lives of families who have lost everything and see the Heroes for Hope that make it all possible.

RRF Impact Report 2023



Thanks to the tremendous support of REALTORS® Relief Foundation donors, RRF continues to provide hope to families across the nation.

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